Hey, I'm Daksh 👋
I'm a Generalist with a passion and experience for Engineering, Design, Product and Biz-Dev. I was super lucky to have started my journey early! I won my first hackathon at 15 and worked full-time as a Product Engineer at 16. I enjoy building SaaS/Blockchain products 👨‍💻, reading books 📚, meeting new people 🙌
I'm currently the janitor of Market.xyz, it allows anyone to create an isolated interest rate market. We're a taskforce under rari.capital (a company inside a company 😂) I previously built and sold products to banks, now disrupting them using DeFi & worked with companies such as Movr, InstaDapp & Unreal Finance
"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway

💼 Startups I built

  • Nasch.io -SaaS product that helps accelerate organizational success by helping enterprises build a world-class & a winning culture. Scaled it from 0 to 25 companies (with > 3000 employees) in 4 months. Our clientele included companies from YC to Major US and Indian enterprises in EDTech, InsurTech, IT, Consulting etc.

  • Adler AI - At Adler we helped enterprises automate their workflows to help them make smart decisions fast. Our first product is in the Insolvency Space of India (Insolvency is about trying to recover unsettled debt) and as a technical co-founder I single-handedly built the product from scratch and within a month it was being used by major Auditing Firms & Banks of India.
    • Our product was used in many of the biggest insolvency cases of India and our most notable clientele include KPMG, Duff & Phelps, Bank of Karnataka etc.

👨‍💻 Project Showcase

  • dTodo is a Decentralized, Immutable & Accountable Todo Dapp that keeps you accountable!
  • Kindle2PDF is the easiest and most secure way to convert your kindle highlights into a PDF!
  • Spontaneous allows developers to spontaneously catch their errors in production runtime with an Agile UI. It helps enterprises save over €3000/dev/month on average in Europe. We presented this project at Hack.IT@BVP where it won the first prize.
  • DataGenius is a tool that allows data scientists to extract repetitive "unstructured" data from PDFs. It also has a Squad 2.0 based Question Answering system, which allows users to ask questions based on the extracted data. It came in top 10 at HackTIET.
  • YTRCP stands for YouTube Random Comment Picker. It allows content-creators to pick giveaway winners, watch their realtime subscriber count and download thumbnails from YouTube videos.
  • VSCode Hex-to-RGBA allows designers to convert CSS Hex Code to RGBA on VSCode easily. It has over 19K+ Downloads.
  • MarsTime is a tool that converts "Earth time" to "Mars time" using your browser!
  • Modiscript Web UI is a programming language for the Next Billion Indians. I built a Web Server on flask and a UI based on Vuetify for this amazing programming language.
    • PS: This is built for fun, it is not to be taken seriously at all towards any agenda.

🏆 Recent Honors & Awards

  • Pioneer Finalist
  • Fellow at DSH (Draper Startup House) India
  • Top 80 Social Innovators - Atal Innovation Mission / Youth Co:Lab India
  • Mentor/Judge - HackJNU
  • Academic Excellence Award - Indirapuram Public School
  • Mentor - Tensorflow at Google Code-In
  • 1st Prize Hack.IT@BVP
  • Finalist (Top 10) HackTIET
  • Finalist (Top 10) B-Plan Bits Pilani
  • Self Driving Car Scholarship - KPIT
  • Second Prize - Frontend - Jaipuria
  • 100% Scholarship Generation Blockchain - IIT Delhi
  • 1st Prize Webathon - IMS Ghaziabad


What's the primary goal in your life?
Having fun while creating the maximum Societal Impact I can in the longer run & playing positive sum games. Also trying to be happy without need for an external stimulus.
Can we meet / socialize?
Ofcourse, I love to meet new people! Schedule a time with me below:
What Distro do you use?
I used to distro-hop a lot, used archlinux with git, stable and zen kernel for years. Now I just use elementaryOS because of the simplicity and the fact that it gets my work done without much hassle.
Plus I really like the default font and display configuration, it's very crispy.
Update Nov 2020:
I've moved on from desktop Linux in favor of WSL 2. I'm able to use all the tools I used to use on my desktop as smoothly as I can on WSL and I get the added benefit of Windows App and Games.
Don't judge me for making this decision, it has actually increased my productivity and the tools I used to use have not changed in any major way.
Update 2021:
I've moved to a M1 Mac and I've been loving it so far.
What editors do you use?
I use Neovim with gruvbox-material theme, my neovim config looks like following:
What Desktop Environment / Window Manager do you use?
I just use pantheon which comes by default on elementaryOS. it's stupid simple.
I use a simple i3 with lightdm as my login manager. I've tried almost every wm from i3 to dwm.
My previous config used to look like:

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