About Me

Hello, My name is Daksh Miglani. I’m an Indian maker of software, living in Delhi with a passion for technology and business.

I am building Adler, An A.I. based platform for business tools.

My life

I’ve spent almost my whole life (I’m 17, so yeah.) programming and building startups. My life basically revolves around these:

  • Music
  • Code
  • Startups and Businesses
  • Learning about new Science Stuff
  • Advising and Helping Others

I’ve learnt almost everything by hitting the roadblocks and removing them (trial-and-error), that’s one of the reasons why I love to share what I’ve learnt and help others as well. Please feel free to email me, incase you need help or need advise.


  • What Operating System do you use?

I am a *nix user, I’m currently using Arch Linux with 4.19.46 LTS Kernel.

  • What editors do you use?

I primarly use Neovim and sublime-text 3 (that too with vim bindings, ie: vintage mode).

  • What programming languages do you prefer?

I primarily program in javascript (node, typescript) and golang, but I’m moving on from javascript.

  • What does your terminal look like?

I use Kitty as my default terminal emulator, I use the Fish Shell with the bob-the-fish prompt and gruvbox colorscheme.


  • What Desktop Environment / Window Manager do you use?

I use i3-gaps, you can checkout my config on /r/unixporn

  • What font do you prefer?

The font of my preference is Hack Nerd Font.

  • Do you have dotfiles?

Of-course, I do! You can find them here.

  • Gitlab or Github?


  • Podcast Recommendations?

I recommend listening to the following podcasts:

  • Music Recommendations?

If you’re looking for music to focus while working, or chilling. Check out these Playlists:

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