About Me

Hello, My name is Daksh Miglani. I’m an Indian maker of software, living in Delhi with a passion for technology and business.

I work at Adler, Where we provide AI Modules / Solutions for Enterprises. Our most notable clients include KPMG, Duff & Phelps, Bank of Karnataka.

My life

I’ve been writing code since I was 9 years old and I’ve spent almost my entire life (I’m 18, so yeah!) building startups.

I’ve learnt almost everything by hitting the roadblocks and removing them (trial-and-error) or you may say failing first and then improving on my failures, that’s one of the reasons why I love sharing what I’ve learnt and advising others!

I’ve lived a different life, while my old mates are following the same old common road, I’m trying to follow a road not taken. While taking such a trajectory, which not many people support. I’m really thankful to my dad who understands my passion and helps me through the struggles.

I also have a very supportive and a very caring lover, who even after knowing that I was at the blink of failure stayed with me, and helped me a lot through the daily bullets and challenges I faced!

As well as thanks to my good old classmate, who still struck with me and helped me a lot during the times of trouble.

I have notable experience in:

  • Building Scalable Systems and Microservices
  • Databases (Especially Replication and Transactions)
  • Building and Serving Deep Learning Models for Production
  • Building Containerised Applications
  • Building a CI / CD First Development Environment
  • Managing Linux Servers
  • Serverless / Cloud Functions
  • API Gateways

My Current Interests are:

  • Quantum Computing
  • Flipping Real Estate and other comodities.
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Cryptography


  • What Operating System do you use?

When I’m on a PC, I tend to use ArchLinux with the latest kernel, but When I am on a laptop I prefer the rather stable OpenSuse.

  • What editors do you use?

I primarly use Neovim and sublime-text 3 (that too with vim bindings, ie: vintage mode).

  • What programming languages do you prefer?

I primarily program in javascript (node, typescript) and golang, but I’m moving on from javascript.

  • What does your terminal look like?

I use multiple terminals such as deepin-terminal, kitty and urxvt, I use the ZSH Shell with the zeta prompt and gruvbox colorscheme.


  • What Desktop Environment / Window Manager do you use?

I use i3-gaps, you can checkout my config on /r/unixporn

  • What font do you prefer?

The font of my preference is Hack Nerd Font and Iosevka Nerd Font.

  • Do you have dotfiles?

Of-course, I do! You can find them here.

  • Gitlab or Github?


  • Podcast Recommendations?

I recommend listening to the following podcasts:


Lex Fridman’s Podcast

Startalk by Neil deGrasse Tyson

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