::I am a founder, engineer, first principles thinker and technologist::

I started my journey as a builder when I was 13, since then I've built numerous SaaS products from being hackathon projects to serious companies. My products have been used by Major Banks & Big 4 Auditing Firms!

I'm building Diffusion Labs, We are a software engineering and financial risk research lab. Currently building a P2P Lending / Borrowing Protocol with Market Makers & Liquidity Providers. Join Us!

In my free time, I like hacking together products, ranting over twitter and helping other founders, builders & students!

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Inspired by Nat, here are some of my beliefs:

    Systems & Coping Mechanisms
  • - Any sufficiently advanced & valuable system inherently possesses a robust exclusion criterion, ensuring selective access & maintaining its exclusivity.
  • - Risk of going to zero is better than the reward of remaining Mediocre.
  • - Second Order Thinking is a gift, use it to avoid footguns!
  • - Analysing Incentives of each player leads to better judgement and enables you to align them better!
  • - Execution & Speed are everything. Measure. Recalibrate.
  • - Roadblocks will always be there when you are doing something valuable. Instead of rage quitting, find a way around them.
  • - Keep your team near yourself. Helps you move fast & build stronger bonds.
  • - It doesn't matter if you are a one man army. Lone wolfs can achieve a lot, but timing is everything! Learn to delegate to people with task relevant maturity.
  • - Being smart & ambitious is great, but don't let behaviours / emotions regress you to the mean.
  • - In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess. Responding pre-maturely to a situation is a sure-shot way to make it worse!
  • - Anxiety takes away your charm.
  • - By the time you're 30, you'll either look 25 or 45.
  • - Show yourself, your ideas, your projects. Serendipity leads to massive outcomes!

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